Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Crate

On Monday, Dave, Edie and I (Eric was snoozing) were hanging out on the sunporch, enjoying the first bit of sunshine we had in quite a few days. Monday is also trash and recycling day. We typically have very little trash, but lots of recyclables. Of course, we have the little blue bin we place at the end of the driveway for the recycling truck, but we also use blue milk crates for any overflow. Well, Edie found one of the crates on the porch, and after pushing it around like a little cart for several minutes, she decided to hop in!

Look at that goofy smile!

Such a little ham

Crazy Face!

She spent quite a while in the crate. It was like her own little world. When she was younger, she did the same thing with her toy baskets (she would dump all the toys out and climb in). Since I repainted and sealed the porch floor, it's much smoother. It was the perfect surface for baby-crate bowling (a sport Edie seems to really love)!

Sleepy Heads

Look at that sweet little face!

Eric is usually awake around 5am each day. He likes to have a bottle right away, then typically goes back to sleep for a hour or two. I had so much to do that morning, that I just tucked him into the nice warm bed with Dave. Isn't it funny how they both sleep with their arms over their heads? They both even do this sweet little eyelash flutter when they first wake up. So cute!

All Grown Up

I don't know what it is about these pictures, but Edie looks like such a big kid! I can't believe how fast she's growing up.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good night little boy, time to close your eyes. We have a busy day tomorrow!

Grammie and Grampie Came to Visit

Grammie and Grampie came to visit us last weekend, and it's always so nice to host them. We spent most of the day on the sunporch off the kitchen. Edie really likes wearing hats, and grabbed Dave's hat from one of the hooks on the porch.

Bunny Grahams in tow, of course

I love this little picture of her

Grammie snuck into the candy basket in the pantry, and couldn't resist giving in to Edie and letting her indulge a little, too. She really likes the chocolate part of Cherry Cordials, but not so much the "cherry" or "cordial" parts.

Look at those curls!

After smearing chocolate all over herself and most of the house, a bath was in order.

We had a tasty meal (including this delicious morsel), Edie and Grampie rode around on the lawn tractor for a while, and Grammie and Edie checked in on the cows. Eric spent most of their visit sleeping in the swing. We can't wait for Grammie and Grampie to come see us again!


Dave snapped this picture of Eric and I the other night. We both conked-out on the couch. Eric loves sleeping like this, and will sleep all night like that (if we let him!). I don't mind it too much, either. He's so much fun to cuddle!

Tuckered Out

The Pantless Wonder

No clothes, off to check in on her little brother (or terrorize him, either way). At least she kept her barrette in this time.

Stealing from the Helpless

Edie didn't know we could see her from the office. We watched as she took the socks right off her poor little brother and tried to put them on her own feet.

The Sock Theif in action

Then, it appeared she had a change of heart, and decided to put them back on Eric's feet.

I think Eric was a little oblivious to the whole thing, really

But, on second thought, she tried them back on. I haven't a clue where her shirt went - we've been having trouble getting her to keep her clothes or diaper on!

Bed Time

"Don't crush me Daddy!"

This was Edie and Eric, just before bed time. Dave thought he's join in, too. It's funny how the kids are already smacking each other. I think this might have been the last night Edie took a bottle before bed, too. She's sippy cups all the way now! Check out the video below for more "keep your hands on your own side!" action.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dress Up

Edie is pretty clever when it comes to dressing. She is forever trying to put (someone's) shoes on, and loves hats and scarves. Well, she found my shoes and a pair of jeans from the laundry hamper and decided to give them a go (she's also a TV junkie, and did all this while never missing a second of whatever was on the tube).

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sleeping Boys

While Eric was inside doing this:

Dave was outside doing this:

More Swing Time

More pictures of the little guy and swing love.


It's Edie's Office, Too

Just so you know, it's Edie's office, too. She has her own laptop, and sets-up shop for important things, like sending imaginary emails and learning to read and such. She can type, oh, I'd say, about 600 words a minute, as well.

Feeding Beemer - one of her favorite hobibies. Beemer doesn't mind indulging her, either

Photos From an Average Day

Here are some random pictures of an average evening at our house. This was after dinner, and just before Edie was off to bed (notice the jammies).

That card she is carrying around is a birthday card I received earlier in the day from my dear friend, Jenn. Clearly, Edie enjoyed reading it.

Look at that little boy laugh!

What. A. Face. I think she was in "Monster Baby" mode. This is one of Dave's favorite photos of Edie.

A little cranky boy

Dave had graduation the weekend before, and thought Eric should try on the cap

What Up?

What is that face? Looks like she was up to no-good

Putting on her own shoes

Gearing up to chase Beemer

Going in to give her brother a kiss