Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Other Kids

For those of you who didn't know, we have two other kids beside Edie and Eric. Their names are Bella and Beemer (or on occasion, Beeper). Here are recent pictures of them.

Beemer, looking ferocious, though anyone who's met him knows he definitely is not


These two mutts are litter-mates, and came to us from Melinda, a friend of Dave's who travels the country (and Canada) and rescue, rehabilitates and re-homes animals in need. One of the most giving and thoughtful people we know. Dave knew I had been wanting a dog for a while, and had told Melinda that we were looking for a little pal to come join our family. Melinda had recently rescued these two from a dire situation in West Virginia. Bella and Beemer are part Plott Hound, part Mountain Cur (at least that's what we are told, and I think Mountain Cur is really just another type of mutt anyway, so who knows what they really are). They were originally bred to be hunting dogs, but didn't perform so well and were badly abused and left for dead on the side of the road. They were found and were going to be taken to a pound, but an elderly woman (who was also a dog hoarder) took them in, instead. They didn't have a horrible life with her, but were confined to a small cage. That woman had a stroke and wasn't able to take care of the 50+ dogs she had, and her family called Melinda to come help. Long story short, they came to live with us.

Bella and Beemer were so skittish when we first got them in March 2008, and rightly so. But day by day, things got better and they became more trusting. While they both have "hunting" tendencies (for example, Beemer likes to chase birds, though hasn't done so in a while because he's so fat, and Bella will "stalk" us outside, then try to get us to chase her around the yard), they definitely want to be "couch" dogs. They are really great with the kids, too. Edie loves to lay on the dog beds with them and feed them. They didn't used to bark much, but have become very protective of us and the house. Now, when someone they don't know comes into the driveway or knocks on the door, it's all barking, for better or worse. But they haven't bit anyone, unless you count that one groomer who was a little too rough with Bella.

We love them so much and are grateful Melinda entrusted us with them. If you are considering adopting a dog, please please please turn to a local shelter first. Pound puppies are, without doubt, the best, and you are helping to give a deserving dog a second chance at life. They will be forever grateful.

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