Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Crate

On Monday, Dave, Edie and I (Eric was snoozing) were hanging out on the sunporch, enjoying the first bit of sunshine we had in quite a few days. Monday is also trash and recycling day. We typically have very little trash, but lots of recyclables. Of course, we have the little blue bin we place at the end of the driveway for the recycling truck, but we also use blue milk crates for any overflow. Well, Edie found one of the crates on the porch, and after pushing it around like a little cart for several minutes, she decided to hop in!

Look at that goofy smile!

Such a little ham

Crazy Face!

She spent quite a while in the crate. It was like her own little world. When she was younger, she did the same thing with her toy baskets (she would dump all the toys out and climb in). Since I repainted and sealed the porch floor, it's much smoother. It was the perfect surface for baby-crate bowling (a sport Edie seems to really love)!


  1. This is going to sound a touch stalker-ish, but I saw your recent comment on Cup of Jo about breastfeeding and related SO MUCH that I didn't even need to post the comment that was forming in my own head (my old post on the subject - Out of curiosity I clicked on your profile and blog link and found that your daughter has the same name as mine!

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute is she!!!

  3. edie is adorable (and i love her name.) both my kids love "the box" more than they love anything that comes in "the box." doesn't matter how big or small. recently my oldest and i started creating "story boxes" with all the boxes i get from my drug of choice (on line shopping) we draw pictures and write words to make up a story. then she sits it and "reads" it.