Friday, June 4, 2010

Edie the Foreman

We recently remodeled our home office - well, I should say Dad and Timmy remodeled our home office. Mom, Dad, Dave and I all pitched in on painting duty, and I've been working on the finishing touched, like choosing and hanging artwork, sewing pillows and window dressings and re-upholstering office chairs. But Edie had the most important job of all - foreman. She's the one who kept the crew in line and inspected the quality of work.

Dad's best buddy, Tim, was incredibly generous and came out to help with the remodel. Thanks Timmy!! We are incredibly lucky and grateful that we have Dad (who can fix or build just about anything) and his friends to help with our zany projects. Edie certainly likes Timmy, and I had to snap some pictures of the two of them; however, I couldn't get any where both of them had their eyes open.

Edie and Timmy

Taking a well-deserved break with Grampie and Baron (my parents Jack Russell)

Examining the quality of Dad and Timmy's work

"Yup, looks good."

I'll have more pictures of the office "after" over on the Silly Goose Farm website shortly.

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