Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sleepy Heads

Look at that sweet little face!

Eric is usually awake around 5am each day. He likes to have a bottle right away, then typically goes back to sleep for a hour or two. I had so much to do that morning, that I just tucked him into the nice warm bed with Dave. Isn't it funny how they both sleep with their arms over their heads? They both even do this sweet little eyelash flutter when they first wake up. So cute!


  1. Wait, is that your bed? What size is it? You can tell by the size of it that you and Dave are still newlyweds! Our king-size bed is too small for us!

  2. Haha Charlene, no that's the bed in the guest room (a full-size). I can't remember why we were sleeping in there. Our bed is a queen. I don't know how you can sleep in a king! That's so giant!

  3. oh, i miss this stage. beautiful little guy.