Friday, June 4, 2010

Let's Backtrack a Little, Shall We?

Now that we're finally in more of a routine around here (haha - yeah right), I'm hoping I can post pictures soon after I take them. But for now, let's play a little catch-up.

The day after we brought Eric home from the hospital, my Aunt Terri and grandma (GG) came out to pay the little bugger a visit. It was really sweet of them, considering it was a bit of a drive (about 2 hours) and my cousin, Lynnette, had a baby girl (Kaylee) just a few days before we had Eric. Here's a picture of Aunt Terri holding Eric. Look how jaundiced he was, poor baby!

Mom and Edie also came out earlier that same day (I have more pictures of the two of them somewhere - I'll post them as soon as I find them). It was so nice to have mom around to help take care of things while Dave and I adjusted to having two kids. Especially because Edie and Eric are so close together. Sometimes it's like having twins.

Edie immediately took to her little brother. I think she's really enjoyed playing the "big sister" role. Sometimes she steals his bottle away, sticks it in her mouth, and realizes, "Whoops, that's not mine!"

For the most part, she's been really good to him. Sometimes she tries to tickle his feet or give him a slap, but 95% percent of the time, she's incredibly sweet towards Eric.

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